Terrie is Retiring!

A Bright New Future
The celebration of the New Year brings hope and optimism from the challenges of last year. We wish you all the very best for a bright New Year!

In the New Year, I and team Opalesque announce the retirement of our hygienist, Terrie Anderson. She has been a part of our dental family for 34 years, beginning with Dr. Ribary and
continuing with me for 29 years. Terrie is not only a talented clinician but she is passionate about her profession and committed to her patients and the Opalesque family. We will all feel a
deep loss as she moves on; however, we are excited and happy for Terrie as she steps forward to a new journey in life.

To continue to provide a high level of hygiene service at Opalesque, I have been particular about finding a hygienist that has our same core values and will be a good fit for our patients
and team. I don’t ever expect to replace Terrie, but I believe there is excellent talent and clinicians that can bring new skill and energy to the practice. I am therefore not making a
decision in haste to bring a hygienist to the team, but will work tirelessly to find the right fit in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, for those of you that are scheduled with Terrie in the New Year, I Kindly ask for your patience as I seek a hygienist that will deliver the same quality of care Terrie did. I also
understand that every clinician has a special connection with their patients, and we will support you throughout this change.

During this transition, Ashley or Jill will call those of you appointed with Terrie in the month of January. At that time, we will either schedule you with our hygienist Natasha or ask if you don’t
mind waiting until another hygienist joins the team. I understand change is difficult so please feel free to share your concerns with us at anytime as we make this shift.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Dr. Wada


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