Customized Services

Dr. Wada and Team Opalesque appreciate each patient has unique dental concerns relative to bettering personal oral health. From custom mouth guards to bleaching trays for whitening teeth and advanced hygiene tools, they offer customized services to achieve your goals.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Opalesque Custom Sports Mouth Guards limit lasting sport-related injuries. Sports mouth guards protect and reduce trauma to teeth and surrounding mucosa, gums, lips, and jaws. These oral appliances may also prevent or reduce concussions by stabilizing the jaw during traumatic blows or collisions, absorbing forces that would otherwise be transmitted through the base of the skull to the brain.

Custom Mouth Guards are recommended by the Academy of Sports Dentistry:

“The Academy for Sports Dentistry recommends the use of a properly fitted mouth guard. It encourages the use of a custom fabricated mouth guard made over a dental cast and delivered under the supervision of a dentist. The ASD strongly supports and encourages a mandate for use of a properly fitted mouth guard in all collision and contact sports.”

Why should Dr. Wada and Dr. Davis fabricate my Mouth Guard?

  • Most advanced and effective materials – We use the same highest quality materials for collegiate and professional sports.    
  • Ensured adequate thickness for protection – We can control the necessary thickness (>3mm) for protection in highly-sensitive biting surface/upper lip.
  • Custom to an individual’s bite for stability, comfort and talking – We use precise techniques and equipment to ensure the best tight and comfortable fit that resists dislodgement and allows for talking.
  • Necessary soft and hard tissue coverage – Protect highly-sensitive arch and surrounding tissues
  • Quality Assurance – Materials, methods and years of expertise combine to deliver the superior result to alternative products available in stores or online.  

Schedule a 5-10 minute appointment by calling 253-858-8158  and we do the rest! We fabricate and deliver your custom mouth guard. To place an order, please call 253-858-8158 or email with your name, school/organization, and sport. You do not need to be a patient at Opalesque. Welcoming new patients too.

It’s the best game-changer: protecting your mouth and head. 

At-Home Bleaching Trays

  • Custom-fit dental whitening trays are the ideal way to brighten discolored, stained or dark-colored teeth.
  • Bleaching trays produced by your dentist from exact models of a patient’s teeth are vastly superior to all available over-the-counter products.
  • Your dentist will work with you to determine an appropriate application technique, bleaching time, and bleach concentration specifically designed for your oral condition.
  •   This level of specificity is not possible with store or online-purchased alternatives.
  • Custom dental whitening trays are more effective than all alternatives, which decreases the time in which results are seen.
  • The safety versus alternatives is also increased, as techniques in production and custom-fit will decrease the amount of overall bleaching paste is required, as well as reduce excess bleach from leaching out of trays during use. Reduced excess will decrease gum sensitivity, which can cause considerable irritation if not controlled properly. Reduced excess also reduced (decreases the) amount of bleach that is ingested.
  • Working with your dentist, it is possible to minimize or even avoid tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of bleaching.  If sensitivity does occur, dentists can advise for appropriate and generally simple desensitizing techniques and products.

Customized Services for Oral Hygiene, Caries Control, and Disease Identification/Prevention

Xerostomia (Dry Mouth), High Caries (Cavity) Risk, and Periodontal (Gum and bone) Disease are common and often require customized treatment adjuncts to restore optimal oral health.

Doctor and Hygienist will work specifically with you and your health profile to identify the causation of such conditions and develop a protocol tailored to you that best suits your needs and addresses your condition.

MiPaste Trays

  • MiPaste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that contains calcium and phosphate materials. When applied to teeth, it promotes protection and strengthening of tooth surfaces, as well as re-mineralization of early stages of cavities, reduction in the rate of growth of existing cavities, and defense against cavities in the future.
  • MiPaste is applied to teeth in appropriate amounts and concentrations via custom made trays that fit your exact teeth and bite.
  • MiPaste acts to neutralize and balance the pH in your mouth, which is vital for proper oral hygiene and function.
  • Additional uses include:
    • Alleviating dry mouth
    • Reducing acid levels from excessive soft-drink or acidic beverage consumption
    • Buffering acids produced by bacteria
    • Pregnancy-related changes in oral pH
    • Alleviating or suppressing tooth sensitivity
    • Preventing or re-mineralizing white spot lesions common in patients with orthodontic treatment

Ice Chips

  • All natural, sugar-free, xylitol-based candy with several oral health benefits
  • Diabetic friendly – does not impact insulin levels
  • Strengthens teeth 
  • Reduces new decay 
  • Reduces cavity-causing bacteria 
  • Stimulates saliva flow 
  • Zero carbs

Nutritional Counseling

  • Oral health is directly affected by one’s nutrition and eating habits.
  • Often, patients do not know that one or several of their habits has detrimental effects on their oral health. Making slight changes in habits creates immense benefits to improve your oral condition.
  • Working directly with your doctor and hygienist, areas of improvement or adjustment can be identified and subsequently addressed.

Prescription Toothpastes or Mouth Rinses

  • In some situations, prescription toothpastes or mouth rinses are suggested to provide a little extra boost toward restoring and/or maintaining optimal oral health.  
  • Toothpastes with elevated fluoride concentrations can strengthen teeth, re-mineralize white spot lesions, delay progression of active cavities, and reduce generalized or localized tooth sensitivity.
  • Prescription mouth rinses are effective at reducing bacterial presence, particularly in cases involving periodontal (gum) health. Such rinses include substances not found in over-the-counter rinses, such as, Chlorhexidine, and are only to be used as directed by prescribing doctors.


  • In teeth with deep grooves susceptible to cavities or for children as a preventive measure, sealants are a highly effective treatment option in reducing the probability of cavities and subsequent fillings.
  • A thin layer of material similar to that of filling material is applied to the surfaces of teeth and light-cured to become chemically and mechanically bonded to the tooth without affecting the bite.
  • Sealants serve as a shield for the outer surfaces of teeth.

Topical Fluoride Varnish

  • Fluoride is a mineral that can strengthen enamel, the hard outer surface of teeth.
  • Dentists can apply a higher concentration solution by painting a sticky, paste-like material with a brush to the surface of teeth. This may be recommended to be done at regular intervals throughout the year depending on each particular person’s needs.
  • This treatment can help reduce the incidence of cavities, slow cavity progression, and even re-mineralize small cavities to completely restore their strength.

Oral Cancer Screenings

  • Oral cancer is often difficult to detect without the help of a dentist because it is typically not painful and often starts very small; however, the consequences of failing to detect it early can be devastating.
  • Dentists and Dental Hygienists are trained to identify cancerous and precancerous lesions and are often the only medical professional to look for such presentations.
  • In addition, patients are examined for any abnormal lumps, bumps, or nodules in the neck, cheeks, lips, and facial tissues.
  • The idea of cancer screenings is to identify their presence at the earliest possible time in order to provide the best chance for successful treatment.

Additional Oral Hygiene Appliances

  • In addition to the tried and true toothbrush and floss, there are many additional instruments that have specific benefits not provided by the one-size-fits-all brush and floss.
  • Hygienists and Doctors may recommend particular additive instruments to cater to your personal oral condition.

 Listed below are examples of some commonly recommended instruments; however, there are many more that may be suggested.


  • Successful adjunct to flossing traditionally
  • Effective for removing food debris from hard to reach places or for patients with limited dexterity
  • Uses water to essentially pressure wash debris from difficult to reach areas

Interdental Brush

  • Effective plaque removers for bridges, crowns, braces, black triangles between teeth
  • Several shapes and techniques available depending on the area of need

Gum Stimulators

  • Designed by dental professionals to promote healthy and firm gums by massaging the gingival tissues and stimulating blood flow
  • Effective in promoting gum growth between teeth to reduce black triangles

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