Wellness Plan

Dr. Wada and Team Opalesque are proud to announce The Wellness Plan.

An alternate method for affordable quality dental care.

In response to the effects of business closures and ‘stay at home’ orders, we worked hard to provide an alternative plan for quality dental care that is affordable. We are cognizant of the economic toll this has taken on everybody and the necessity of maintaining basic responsibilities for home and family, let alone medical and dental care.

The Wellness Plan accommodates anyone without dental insurance or anyone that has benefit changes due to retirement. There is no membership fee to join, simply register and you will be given a Wellness Plan card that helps you financially with the treatment you need at Opalesque Dentistry. Rest assured that the level of your care will not be diminished in time, quality, or service as a Wellness Plan member. That is not our philosophy in practice and in life. We do believe that regular oral health care will prevent future problems that can be costly and/or debilitating. Our goal is to make high-level preventative care and treatment affordable for everyone. To learn more and register, please contact our office.

As a dental professional and members of the dental community, we know how important it is to maintain oral health to reduce the risk of medical-related conditions. It is known that progressive chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and general inflammatory conditions can benefit from good dental diagnosis and treatment. The mouth is part of the whole body, and our body is a complex system that works to keep us alive in a fascinating way, from head to toe.

We completely understand the need for social distancing and cross infection control to help abate the spread of Covid. All of us at Opalesque has been strictly abiding by the recommendations of our federal and state governments both personally and professionally. Consequently, when Opalesque reopens, we have taken every precaution at our office to prevent cross-infection among our patients, the dental team, and our community.

Dr. Wada and Team Opalesque look forward to reopening and providing the same high level of care for our patients. We hope that the addition of the Wellness Plan makes taking overall care of yourself and your family affordable.

For more information to assist you 24/7, feel free to visit Patient Resources.

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