General Dentist Dr. Wada

Commitment to Optimal Health

Gig Harbor General Dentist Dr. Keiko Wada is dedicated to providing you with the latest in comprehensive, cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Personalized examination and consultation for simple to complex treatments

Every individual has personal and diverse dental concerns, from managing gum disease to replacing missing teeth. Long term decisions for your optimal health require a thorough interview, examination and treatment plan. Dr. Keiko Wada takes time to listen to your concerns and needs in order to provide you with personalized care and treatment.

Dr. Wada specializes in the following areas of general dentistry:

• Managment of Gum Disease

• Dental Implants

• Cosmetic Dentistry

• Tooth Restorations

Management of Gum Disease

Our highly trained and skilled hygiene team implements the latest in proven techniques to manage your oral health. Management includes routine periodontal and cancer screenings, personalized home care training, thorough pre-treatment evaluation to customize your cleaning appointment time, extensive continued clinical training and education to provide you with a high level of service and collaboration with a quality specialty team to coordinate the best treatment outcome for you. Our team provides adult and children cleanings, fluoride treatment, digital X-rays, sealants, desensitizing procedures and nitrous oxide.

Dental implants

Collaborative planning with a high level specialty team provides a predictable outcome for a single dental implant restoration or multiple dental implant restorations. The final esthetic outcome of a dental implant restoration depends on dedicated planning with the specialty team  and the general dentist from the moment a tooth is lost or has a poor prognosis.

Cosmetic dentistry

Personalized planning and sequencing of treatment is Dr. Keiko Wada’s commitment to ensure that your cosmetic concerns are understood and met.  Dr. Keiko Wada provides dental education based on your personal needs so you can make an educated decision on the choice of treatment that you’re comfortable with. Whether you want tooth whitening, veneers, straight teeth, repair of broken or worn down teeth, replacement of missing teeth, Dr. Wada is dedicated to providing you with the best customized treatment options for your needs.

Beautiful Tooth Restorations

Dr. Keiko Wada is committed to maintaining  a high level of dental education to provide you with the latest proven tooth restorations.  The types of tooth restorations include metal free crowns, conservative tooth colored inlays and onlays, tooth colored fillings, veneers, single tooth implant and multiple tooth implant metal free crowns, metal free and metal bridges and cosmetic tooth colored bonding of front teeth.

Collaborative Care with Medical and Dental Specialists

With 25 years of experience, Dr. Wada and her team have developed a high level of collaboration with a dental and medical team.  Management of replacing missing teeth, facilitating a comfortable bite, meeting esthetic expectations often require the close relationship between multiple specialists.  With the increased knowledge of airway and sleep disorders and other systemic problems that are recognized by dentists, Dr. Keiko Wada communicates with sleep physicians, your personal medical doctor, gastroentrologists and other specialists as needed on a case by case situation. Dr. Keiko Wada and her team are not just knowledgeable about your oral health, but they are trained to understand and recognize the impact oral health has on your overall health and well being.




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