2022, A Bright Future for Opalesque Dentistry!

2022, A Bright Future for Opalesque Dentistry!

My leadership coach has always advised me to have a future plan. I have kept this in mind as a guideline and subtle reminder. As Captain Barbosa said in Pirates of the Caribbean, "the code is more what you'd call "guidlines" than actual rules." A future plan?? I love what I do. In my mind, it was just a guidline!

Opalesque Dentistry has becoome the small, smoothly run practice I dreamed of.  A team that focuses on continued curiousity for knowledge, building relationships, compassion and positive energy. It has taken many years to get here. I am so deeply committed to the team and patients that slowing down, let alone retiring, never crossed my mind.

It took the fortunate meeting with Dr. Melanie Jenkins that inspired me to think that I can still have the dream practice and partnership too. Dr. Jenkins worked for a large group practice in her hometown, University Place, upon graduating from dental school 4 years ago. After gaining experience and expanding her skillset, she began looking for a small patient centered practice with focus on aesthetic and comprehensive care. After a year of searching with a broker, our mutual colleague connected us.

Dr. Jenkins and I feel our meeting was meant to be. We have spent months planning our future out together as partners. She is upholding the same level of care that our office is known for by attending seminars and workshops at the Spear Institute, just as i did years ago. After many years of mentoring dentists at Spear Education, I am excited to share my knowledge with Dr. Jenkins. We are comitted to working together to maintain a dental practice that provides relationship oriented aesthetic and comprehensive dental care.

I and team Opalesque have the utmost respect for Dr. Jenkins. We are as enthusiastic about working with her as we are about all of our patients meeting her.

Happy New Year!
Dr. Wada & Team Opalesque

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