Celebrating the partnership of Dr. Keiko Wada and Dr. Melanie Jenkins!

Celebrating the partnership of
Dr. Keiko Wada and Dr. Melanie Jenkins!

Letters from the partners.

Dr Wada:
With every new year, resolutions are made in hopes that we influence ourselves to make a positive change in our lifestyle, life direction or outlook.

Resolutions speculatively started over 4000 years ago with the ancient Babylonians. Theymade promises to the gods to pay off any debt and in return the gods would “bestow favor on them for the coming year”. In Rome Julius Caesar changed the calendar to start the year in Janus which symbolizes a two-faced God. Janus was a symbol that looked backwards into the past year and looked forward towards the future. The Romans made resolutions for good conduct the coming year.
Interesting how resolutions began as a belief that reflects on the past year’s challenges and moves forward in a positive direction in the new year.
We at Opalesque are grateful for our profession. The aftermath of the pandemic made us realize that what’s good in life should not be taken for granted. In the last 2 years Opalesque gained a renewed sense of value for our role in promoting optimal oral and systemic healthcare.
This new year, I and team Opalesque are excited about the positive direction last year’s new team member brought us. Many of you have already met Dr. Melanie Jenkins as an associate at Opalesque last year.
Looking forward to the new year, as Julius Caesar envisioned, Opalesque is fortunate to introduce you to Dr. Melanie Jenkins as a partner with Dr. Keiko Wada.
Getting to know Dr. Jenkins, we all grew to respect her openness for continued growth, on a personal and professional level. She brings to the office calmness, thoughtfulness and youthful energy. She is excited about her journey with Spear education as a faculty club member, the same iconic dental education institute I attended before becoming a visiting faculty club member and mentor. Dr. Jenkins and I, and team Opalesque, share the same core values and vision for ourselves, the practice and our patients.
The new year shines brightly for Opalesque. “Good things happen to good people.” This familiar quote resonates with myself and team Opalesque as we strive to be good to ourselves, our family and friends, our patients, and our community.
From my heart, being a good person spreads kindness and caring from one individual to the next. It happens through shared values in a profession and within oneself. To think from this place of good can influence a world that needs good desperately.

Good things have happened at Opalesque. Please welcome Dr. Melanie Jenkins as a partner of Opalesque Dentistry.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” -Pablo Picasso
Dr Jenkins:
 When I first met Dr. Wada in the summer of 2021, I knew that Opalesque and the
culture she created was something special. Six months later, I joined the practice as an associate. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to meet many patients in the practice and I would like to thank each and every patient that I have encountered for being welcoming and trusting of my care. Many have asked if I am going to be in the practice for a while or just temporarily and I am happy to inform you that Dr. Wada and I have finalized our partnership, so I am here to stay.

Dr. Wada and I share many of the same core values and have a high standard for
the type of care we provide for our patients. I am a Faculty Club member with Spear
Education and am navigating their rigorous curriculum just as Dr. Wada did many years ago. I am also bringing new treatment services to the practice. I provide cosmetic and therapeutic Botox, Dermal Fillers and Invisalign. I am also affiliated with the American Dental Association, American Academy of Facial Esthetics and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

It has been a privilege to be working alongside Dr. Wada and the team at
Opalesque. I promise to continue with the level of excellence in dentistry that you all
are accustomed to. For those whom I have not met yet, I am eager to meet you and
look forward to providing the quality of care that you all know and expect.

Cheers to a New Year!
Dr Wada, Dr Jenkins, and team Opalesque




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