Reopening of Opalesque

Governor Inslee realizes that dental professionals must make the best clinical decision for dental treatment while weighing in the risks of Covid-19 infection.

How is Opalesque Dentistry defining risk? Based on the CDC guidelines of Covid-19 infection, individuals at higher risk of morbidity are older than 65 years, have a chronic systemic illness, and are immunocompromised. To determine if you are at risk, Dr. Wada will review questionable medical histories prior to scheduling a dental appointment. If the risks of dental treatment outweigh the benefits of treatment, you will be waitlisted until your health condition is stabilized or the spread of Covid-19 infection flattens.

What changes will you notice at your appointment? Dr. Wada has advised the team that a patient’s health history must be thorough and current. Patients should expect a prescreening questionnaire at the time of scheduling an appointment and on the day of the appointment. To maintain social distancing we request you wait in your vehicle for your scheduled appointment and advise you to come alone or have the other person wait in the vehicle during your appointment. Prior to your appointment we will take your temperature and advise a pre-rinse to lower viral levels in your mouth before treatment. You will notice increased infection control measures: staff and doctors will wear disposable gowns for all appointments creating spray, face shield, n95/level 3 masks, and goggles will be worn by staff and doctors at all times. Because the new protocols require more time, you will notice that timely appointments will be harder to schedule. Rest assured we will try our hardest to schedule you as soon as we can. We will be opening Fridays for appointments to accommodate everyone already waitlisted.

What else has Opalesque Dentistry done to ensure your well being at your appointment? Dr. Wada has not only trained and educated team Opalesque on infection control protocols, but she has also installed individual HEPA air filters in all patient rooms, placed a built-in glass window at the reception desk, and watched multiple webinars on minimizing infection in the dental office. The team has taken it upon themselves to watch Covid-19 webinars and keep up with the constantly changing recommendations of the governing bodies. Dr. Wada and the team have had weekly Zoom meetings since the shutdown to share information learned on webinars or articles, brainstorm on ways to improve infection control in the office, suggestions, and ideas on how to make sure our patient experiences are still comfortable. Not withholding, we also enjoyed sharing our personal experiences while on ‘shelter in’ and seeing each other virtually!

We are all excited to get back to dentistry and reconnecting with all our patients. We promise to work hard to get everyone back to excellent oral health!

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