Periodontal Care

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing Home Care Instruction

Your comfort and positive response to treatment is our primary concern. We have prepared some simple post-operative instructions for your convenience. Please read and follow these instructions carefully. This information will help you to be more comfortable, prevent complications, and support your healing process.

We recommend no eating or hot liquids for a few hours after the procedure to prevent accidental self-injury while the anesthetic is wearing off.

Basic homecare: Bacterial plaque is primarily responsible for periodontal disease. It is very important that you continue brushing and flossing to reduce bacteria in your mouth. You may experience slight sensitivity to cold, hot, sweets, and/or pressure on your teeth. Do not let this prevent you from brushing and flossing. Please follow the oral hygiene care instructions below:

1. Brushing: Brush 2-3 times a day with a soft-bristled or electric toothbrush (after each meal and before bed).

2. Rinsing: Rinse 2 times a day with a soothing warm salt-water rinse. Use 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in an eight-ounce glass of warm water.

3. Flossing and/or Waterpik: 1-2 times daily

4. Incorporate any other adjunctive tools or medicaments that may have been recommended to you by either the dentist or hygienist. 

Discomfort: Your gums may be tender for a couple of days following your treatment. Take what you normally would for pain. If the discomfort is severe, please contact us immediately. If you experience stiffness of your jaw, place warm towels on the area.

Periodontal disease cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Most people with periodontal disease are able to keep their natural teeth by completing this prescribed regimen of scaling and root planning, as well as keeping a more frequent cleaning and maintenance program.

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