Partnership Opportunity

Style - “We compete in today’s world to solve tomorrow’s challenges.”
Opalesque is a collaborative dental practice that works with a team of high level dental and medical specialists to integrate advanced education and clinical skills for the best overall systemic and dental outcome.

Trend -  “Believe the world is changing and that the survival of a company depends on either anticipating the change or being in the vanguard of those reacting to it.”
Trending dentistry is becoming corporate/insurance-owned, and dentists are becoming employees. Corporate-owned health care is a business focusing on financial growth; dentist-owned, private practice is a business focusing on quality health care.

Reframing - “Be small and think big.”  
Small dentist-owned practices compete with big corporations that provide less expensive care by packaging dentistry as a commodity. By reframing this dilemma, Opalesque believes in building a relationship-based practice focusing on advanced interdisciplinary knowledge to solve problems, not treat symptoms.

The paradigm is the private business will exist for patients that seek the best options of care and for doctors that provide state of the art treatment.

The Fit - Are you an innovator? A risk-taker? Are you independent and can think outside of the box? Are you interested in controlling a dental business that you can shape based on what your vision is? Do you want to fulfill your dream that can make an impact in dentistry?

In a privately owned dental practice you can be part of the growth. You can be challenged. You can have control of your practice. With shared vision and values you can shape your team to make a profound difference in your patients’ well-being.

Are you the right fit? Please send your resume to Dr. Keiko Wada.