Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Announcing Custom Mouth Guards available for all your sports!

Opalesque Custom Sports Mouth Guards limit lasting sport-related injuries. Sports mouth guards protect and reduce trauma to teeth and surrounding mucosa, gums, lips, and jaws. These oral appliances may also prevent or reduce concussions by stabilizing the jaw during traumatic blows or collisions, absorbing forces that would otherwise be transmitted through the base of the skull to the brain.

Custom Mouth Guards are recommended by the Academy of Sports Dentistry:

“The Academy for Sports Dentistry recommends the use of a properly fitted mouth guard. It encourages the use of a custom fabricated mouth guard made over a dental cast and delivered under the supervision of a dentist. The ASD strongly supports and encourages a mandate for use of a properly fitted mouth guard in all collision and contact sports.”

Why should Dr. Wada and Dr. Davis fabricate my Mouth Guard?

Most advanced and effective materials – We use the same highest quality materials for collegiate and professional sports.    

Ensured adequate thickness for protection – We can control the necessary thickness (>3mm) for protection in highly-sensitive biting surface/upper lip.

Custom to an individual’s bite for stability, comfort and talking – We use precise techniques and equipment to ensure the best tight and comfortable fit that resists dislodgement and allows for talking.

Necessary soft and hard tissue coverage – Protect highly-sensitive arch and surrounding tissues

Quality Assurance – Materials, methods and years of expertise combine to deliver the superior result to alternative products available in stores or online.   

Schedule a 5-10 minute appointment by calling 253-858-8158  and we do the rest! We fabricate and deliver your custom mouth guard. To place an order, please call 253-858-8158 or email with your name, school/organization, and sport. You do not need to be a patient at Opalesque. Welcoming new patients too.

It’s the best game-changer: protecting your mouth and head.